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17 Aug Can you actually see evidence of global warming ? Steve Netwriter
16 Aug Brainwashing Children Steve Netwriter
16 Aug Global Warming Alarmism Insanity Never Ceases to Amaze Me !!!!! hahahahahahaha Steve Netwriter
14 Aug Climate science was hijacked for the political agenda of showing that there were too many people using up too many resources Steve Netwriter
11 Aug Monetary Policy Has Been Working.....until it doesn't!!!!! Until the World Ponzi Banking System Collapses by Steve Netwriter Steve Netwriter
3 Jul Nigel Farrage exposes global warming scam in EU The State of Union 2013 Steve Netwriter
3 Jul NOAA: Global Cooling Will Starve the World Steve Netwriter
3 Jul Sea Level. A constant <3mm/yr rise since 1850. Nothing to see here! Steve Netwriter
21 Jun Clutching at Straws. Let's collect the silliness here. Steve Netwriter
20 Jun NZ Post making it almost impossible to ship some things !!!!! Steve Netwriter
26 May Why I worry about what some people say. Can they be trusted ? Steve Netwriter
26 May 5:2 author Michael Mosley: 'I'm proof low-fat diets don't work' Steve Netwriter
13 May A Fantastic Summary of where we are at Steve Netwriter
1 Mar The BBC Shows that Global Warming Alarmism is Over Steve Netwriter
20 Jan What Is The Average Global Temperature? mutonic79
27 Dec David Attenborough. Has been global warming propogandist. Shame on you. Steve Netwriter
22 Dec Life on the Edge of Extinction Due to Lack of CO2 by Steve Netwriter Steve Netwriter
15 Dec Why Trust A Theory? Physicists And Philosophers Debate The Scientific Method mutonic79
2 Dec Hottest December temperature in Invercargill for 53 years. OMG people are really stupid Steve Netwriter
25 Nov Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics mutonic79

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